Diary of a Broken Soul



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King of Spades


I suppose the question arises, do we mimic nature, or does nature mimic us?  Are we inclined to hold the male in admiration as he replicates the pose of the scorpion before him?  This may explain why the scorpion is holding his ground only, and not reaching out to sting the man who is but a few short feet away – well within striking distance. 

The scorpion may have finally met its match.  The man has shown he is not afraid of the armoured animal and is open to meeting it on even terms.  We can only wonder as to the conversation taking place between the two, but I do sense there has arisen a sense of mutual respect.  I believe this is telling me that any foe can be bought to my level without the need for violence. 

It may well be just a case of standing your ground, showing respect and opening dialogue.  Only when we are willing to make that approach can we begin to understand where and why the differences occur.  We may be surprised to learn we have more in common than we first thought…