Diary of a Broken Soul



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Queen of Spades


Our Queen looks down on the destruction below her, possibly the remnants of the actions of the King of Clubs.  The ground is still smouldering, re-growth not yet possible as the earth is not yet still enough to create that supportive environment.  She knows it is a time of waiting but when the time does arrive for a fresh start, she will be available to give wise counsel.  Her words will come with honesty and integrity, and the hope that the beings responsible for the fresh start take heed of those words. 

She too has been in existence for aeons and has seen this cycle of death and re-birth many, many times.  She knows her duty is to remain silent and let the beings learn for themselves as they create new life from the ashes.  However she is willing to break that silence if she truly believes it will be of benefit to all mankind who follow.  We may not like what we hear but she will not hold back.  She knows the long-term future for us and the planet is at stake.  We ignore her counsel at our peril.  After all, if we choose to ignore her words out of ego or excessive belief in our own abilities she will add one alphabet letter to those words and turn them into swords.  You see she too has the ability to create or take away life.…..