Diary of a Broken Soul



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Jack of Spades


Does our character speak with a forked tongue?  If so, we may do well to be wary of what he says and take it at face value, lest we end up living a lie initiated by the words of another.   Or does his twisted tongue show us he has the ability to turn around what is said and make it to be something entirely different?  Either way his smile and demeanour may be telling.  There may be some true words which are said in jest, but it is up to us to look beyond the mask we are presented with and pick out those truths from amongst the pile of deceit.  What he has dripping from his tongue may act as a diversion but if we have the maturity he has yet to develop, we will be able ignore that and remain centred and in control.

If he has the upper hand it will act to feed his ego, thus encouraging him to continue, with the risk others will become hapless victims. In time, we may start to feel pity for him.  Pity borne from the fact as time passes, fewer and fewer people will be fooled by his mutterings.  As more of us turn our backs on him, the more likely it will be he will only have himself to laugh at.  Yes, it is when that happens he will invoke our pity, but will he learn from the experience?…