Diary of a Broken Soul



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Instead of using a sword to create chaos it is better to use another weapon instead to create beauty.  We have that instinct in us at birth, and as children we see the wonder and simplicity of everything around us.  Yet as we mature into adulthood that sense of awe is replaced by other traits such as cynicism.  When we are in the presence of a mature being who has yet to lose that ability to see the best in what is around them, and recreate it for eternity we should pause in our travels and spend some time with them.  Who knows, maybe some of that energy will rub off on us and make us better people for it. If they have a naturally positive outlook of life they will be able to paint over what could be perceived as harmful and negative, replacing it with a façade to act as a diversion. 

The smaller person here may be reminding us that we are mere dots in the large scheme of things, and we would do well to try and take a look at the bigger picture at times.  Not all of us have the ability to create such works of art, yet we do have the ability to use the pen in other ways.  Words can also bring about great change if used in the right way.  Whatever we choose to use we are aware the creation starts with that original spark of thought…