Diary of a Broken Soul



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8 of Spades


Sometimes a pair of protective arms or extended wings placed around us is mistakenly identified as being a form of entrapment or imprisonment.  

Yet under different circumstances, we give away our freedom in the belief it is for our own good – that we need to be protected otherwise we may come to harm in some way.   When faced with those circumstances we are happy to relinquish our personal power, and voluntarily step into that invisible cage. Whether we see what is happening here as being entrapment or protection will be very subjective indeed.  If that woman was about to step off the cliff it is easy to see the angel’s actions are preventing her from being harmed or worse.  She has realised he was acting with good intent and is embracing him in return.  If on the other hand it is her destiny to take that step, the power of intent has shifted – he has taken control of her free will and has in effect imprisoned her spirit.  It is up to her whether she lets him continue or not.  She could fight her way out of his embrace but that could lead to the both of them toppling over.  The swords are there to remind her to use reason and communication. 

So, which is it to be?  Entrapment, mutual embrace or protection?…