Diary of a Broken Soul



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7 of Spades


When are placed in a cage with another, we often find ourselves providing entertainment for those who imprisoned us in the first place.  They smile with glee when they realise we have conformed to a role they had eagerly anticipated.  Sometimes that role may be in the form of turning against the other we are imprisoned with.  Yet if both parties within the bars stopped to take stock of what was really happening they would understand they have been manipulated into that position.  Until that realisation dawns they are oblivious of what is happening outside, so intense is their distrust for each other.  They put so much effort and energy into avoiding the other person or in the extreme; they lie in wait ready for the opportunity to present itself where they can pounce.  Ironically if both parties lie in wait, nothing ever happens.  They will eventually tire, whereby they have no choice but to lower the swords. 

Communication could easily take place, even if they do not wish to face each other as they do so.  If they both are strong in their desire for peace they will ignore the face looming on the other side of the bars.  The problem is he is facing one of those inside and may still exert influence.  If that influence is allowed to manifest it will not bode well for the figure we see facing us.  If only we could get through to them, we might be able to change the dynamics being played out in front of our eyes...