Diary of a Broken Soul



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6 of Spades


We often read that this image is asking us to move on and leave our stresses behind us, ready to embrace a new start.  Yet more often than not, we find we cannot leave everything behind us.  We think we have, but the emotions or remnants of baggage still follow us, and sometimes lead the way, lying in wait for us on the other side. 

This figure is about to step into the unknown but will do so on his terms, and when the time is right. He is willing to put his trust in taking that blind step of faith.  The swords may be there to act as stepping stones for him, in which case he will safely make it to the other side.  On the other hand, they may be obstacles semi-hidden by the blackness of the water around him.  He may be able to step around them, or there is a chance one or more may trip him along the way.  He has no real choice though, but to follow through and deal with that eventuality as and when it arises. You see the only other option is to turn and face the wall behind him.  His past is on the other side, and it has now been bricked up.  He has no choice but to turn his back on the past, but nor is he in a rush to embrace the future.  Rash or hasty movements could act as a reminder that he may not have learned from the past. I admire how he has taken the time to centre himself and fine tune his focus.  By doing so, he is lessening the chance of the swords tripping him up…