Diary of a Broken Soul


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4 of Spades


There comes a time for all of us where we have to accept mentally we have reached our limits.  We can choose to fight on but if we do just that, we have to understand action will be taken to bring us to our knees.  We are mortals and as such have a breaking point.  If we try to immortalise ourselves, our own mortality will be presented to us as a stark reminder.  There is no shame in acknowledging we are at the mercy of our mind.  Indeed it takes a strong person to put themselves on display in this way for the whole world to see.  For too long society demands have led us to believe to give up or give in is a sign of weakness.  If we conduct ourselves in such an egotistical  manner, the universe has a cruel but appropriate way of bringing us back down to earth. 

The character’s state of mind we see here is on display for us all to see.  We could judge him and walk past, or we could pause and offer him a helping hand when it is time for him to return to society.  Those from the former group will have a greater chance of taking his place on that cross-support in time.  I would like to think those who pause, reflect and offer support have a greater understanding of their own mental state and would know not to let things get to the stage where we are forced to be suspended in this way…