Diary of a Broken Soul


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3 of Spades


It is when darkness expands and replaces all the light we had guiding us, we lose sight of where we are going.  Our thoughts and emotions turn inwards, eating away until we feel we have no choice but to cut it out before we cross that point of no return.  We hold onto that small shard of control before using it to pierce our own flesh.  The writing on the sword could be an important key here.  Is it there as guidance for her but is currently invisible due to the fact the candles have burned down to almost nothing?  Or is the cause of her distress?  Has the writing on the sword cut through her sense of reason, leading to her now feeling trapped and alone with only one alternative left to contemplate? 

It is when we experience excruciating pain of our soul we become impervious to the pain inflicted on our flesh.  That is even more apparent when we use our own hand to inflict the wounds.  This really should act as a warning to all of us.  If we feel numbed physically we should use our 3rd eye to see where it is we are REALLY hurting and take action to light that area as best we can….