Diary of a Broken Soul


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2 of Spades


Here we see a lone female, her hands at her sides pierced right through by the swords.  She is trapped yet at the same time she isn’t.  Let me explain.  There are no tethers or chains around her so she is free to move from the spot she appears to be frozen in.  Yet she is unable to remove the swords, as she has no hand free in which to take hold of the hilt.  The torment she must be experiencing will beyond our comprehension.  A sense of stalemate is indicated, one requiring some lateral thinking if a solution is to be forthcoming.  She may well be crying out to the heavens for assistance, but it does appear aid will not be forthcoming any time soon.  So, what are her choices?  She may well stay where she is, crying with pain and despair but that will not go any way to removing the swords. 

On the other hand she could walk away in any direction with a slim chance of coming across another who could help her.  The fact she is doing nothing may suggest her mind locked down in some way, with rational thought deserting her.  Interestingly the swords do not have appeared to have drawn blood at all.  How can this be?  And who was responsible for driving them through her hands in the first place?  Is this situation self-inflicted, or was it caused at the hands of another?  I guess in a way, the cause of her predicament is irrelevant.  What matters now, is what is she going to do to alleviate her plight?  Doing nothing doesn’t really seem a viable option. 

The longer she stays here in this way, the more it becomes an acceptable state of being with her desire to find a solution ever diminishing...