Diary of a Broken Soul



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Ace of Spades


At times we feel we are walking on a knife’s edge fearing the drop either side of us.  At other times we end up just going round in circles, failing to realise we have trodden that same ground many times before.  So what is it that keeps us on path?  Is the drop really that daunting?  We can continue on the current path believing it is the safest option, yet with safety comes repetition and stagnation. 

If you find yourself at the top of the cycle, why not take a moment of pause and look at what is reaching out before you.  Go on, step off onto the blade.  You will realise it is not the edge you are on but the face of the blade itself.  Surely that must feel more stable underneath you?  Yet you chose not to take that path, even though you have passed it many times. Your journey can now progress with no end in sight.  How exciting to be able to encounter something new with each and every step instead of treading the same old walkway!  It does feel a little daunting doesn’t it?  If we have become used to routine, something unexpected or new is likely to startle us.  Just hold your arms out, take a deep breath and follow that blade.  Although you are likely to be better supported you will still need your wits about you so don’t lose that concentration.  Your mind will celebrate and thank you for being given the chance to once again journey into the unknown…