Diary of a Broken Soul



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King of Hearts


Stilling ourselves against a raging torrent as it washes down on us takes an intense amount of strength in order to not to succumb.  Sometimes in order to withstand the onslaught we need to pray for help, on the understanding at times it is a little too much for us to endure alone.  Who knows if the prayers are answered, but the mere act of sending those thoughts out does seem to increase our level of fortitude.  Eventually we stop feeling the sharp pressure as the water hits us from a great height, and we become numbed to its attempts to take us under.  It is at that stage we have ascended and truly conquered / taken control of our emotions.  We are then able to create a shield around us, whereby nothing will be able to ‘get’ to us in the way it may have done prior to this period of enlightenment.

I believe our King here may have actually risen from the water.  Whereas his consort, the Queen moved with silent stealth, not causing as much as a ripple on the water’s surface, he has erupted with great display and fanfare.  Yet he is still centred and focussed.  We cannot help but take in his quiet aura of dignity; understanding under the surface he has limitless power which if unleashed could cause the seas around him to rise up as one.  We would do well to learn from him when we feel we need to make our presence felt for whatever reason. We could choose to make waves and create chaos, or we could master the elements within us whilst still making our presence felt...