Diary of a Broken Soul



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Queen of Hearts


As we look at our Queen I have a question spinning around in my head – is she coming up from the waters below, or is she in the early stages of submergence?  I will leave it to you to decide, but one thing is clear.  She has to rise up at some stage in order to breathe the air around her.  That is assuming she is of our world where she requires air in order to sustain life. 

This lady has developed insight we can only ever dream about.  Not only is she looking ahead at us, she is also able to ‘see’ all that is around her from a different perspective.  Just take a look at her 3rd eye and you may understand what I am talking about.  We only have awareness on the one level:  the interpretation our brain gives us based on what it has received via the eyes.  She will be able to flip things over in her mind when using that 3rd eye, thus leading to the ability to perceive the world from a very different angle or viewpoint.

Whereas the young Page of Hearts may have had some issues of confidence to deal with, our Queen has overcome those issues.  We previously saw the Page wading through the still water, the water reaching no higher than waist level.  The Queen has conquered any such fears, and is able to control vital organs in line with the waters around her.  If it is necessary to hold her breath she will do so.  If the waters are cold, she will slow her heart rate accordingly.  With this lack of fear she will have no qualms about fully submerging herself should the need arise. You may be assuming if this is the case, there has been a shift of power, whereby the waters have taken control of her.  That would be a huge error of judgement on your part indeed…