Diary of a Broken Soul



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Jack of Hearts


When we feel we have reached the edge of reason, we then take pause to consider the next step we should be taking.  The realisation that we have not arrived at our destination, but have reached a natural state of ‘pause’ can sometimes lead us to lose heart.  We have all been at that ‘betwixt and between’ age where we thought we had finally arrived on the world stage, only to later learn we actually knew nothing of the world around us.  When we lose that belief (or heart) we wonder if we have any more to give of ourselves.  The journey from childhood may have been painful; to the extent we are afraid to progress any further, lest further heartache prevail.  Sadly we have yet to take that final step into adulthood, even though we have taken steps away from being children.  That leaves us feeling as though we don’t really belong in any realm or domain, and that emotion of emptiness can sometimes take over in so many ways. 

It is then our emotions need to be allowed an escape route.  If we can allow that emptiness to flow out it will make way for something to flow into the void left behind.  It is during this transition stage we have started to become aware of our emotions, but have not yet discovered ways to express them in a healthy manner.  The knight is one we know will open his heart to us, as that is his nature.  Yet if it is bleeding at the time we are party to his dying on an emotional level…