Diary of a Broken Soul



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When we metamorphosis from childhood into adulthood we feel a strong urge to follow a path which feels both elusive and compelling at the same time.  The journey also awakens our emotions to the extent we sometimes find it difficult to hold them back from spilling over the brim of reason.  Yet we have to answer the call in order to emerge fully into adulthood.  We give no thought to the process at the time.  It is as instinctual as the way night follows day.  It is only with hindsight and maturity we can look back and realise we faced everything head on with a sense of blissful ignorance.  It will only then begin to make some sense to us. If we had to quantify that magnetic force, or explain what it was we are heading into we would not be able to find the words adequate enough. 

On a subconscious level our soul knows exactly what is happening and will silently guide us, allowing our senses to develop with each step we take as we make our way nearer and nearer to our dreams.  At the time this happens we have no thought at all of turning back…