Diary of a Broken Soul



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10 of Hearts


Ahh, so our character from the 8 of hearts has now reached the end of that long and winding path.  I told you he would be okay.  The light he had as an escort has been joined by many more.  There were many lights awaiting his arrival. Some of those energies have combined to the extent he is now surrounded by a solid sphere of light instead of the darkness previously encountered.  The door is open for him.  All he needs to do is walk through and quietly shut it behind him, shutting it on the past which no longer has relevance.

The lights which originally escorted him now hang on the tree by the door, as if staying on guard to make sure nothing follows him through.  Once they have fulfilled that task, they will again follow along and be with him as embraces his new existence beyond the door.  Another timely reminder that we are not ever truly alone – that those who love us unconditionally will always around us, loving and supporting us as they guide us along life’s great path…