Diary of a Broken Soul



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8 of Hearts


The most difficult walks we will ever undertake are the ones we take alone.  It feels that the heavier the heart is, the harder the going is underfoot, the harsher the landscape around us.  It is at that time we will feel we are truly alone with just darkness for company.  Yet it is during those times we have more company than we have possibly ever had before.  For it is only when we are in absolute darkness the smallest flash of light can be seen.  When we are living fully in the light, we don’t appreciate the unseen sparks, as they are engulfed by the brilliance around them.  Yet they are always there, undergoing their tasks unseen and unappreciated. 

This character is taking such a walk, and if he were to raise his head he might just notice the way forward is being lit by the chalices of light.  They have always been with him, but it’s only during his darkest hour that their light has the chance to come through and truly shine.  Are they there to show him the way, or are they there to illuminate any obstacle he might encounter along this long and winding path?  It is not for me to assume but I am heartened for him.  The lights are with him and in front of him, indicating he is heading towards something better…