Diary of a Broken Soul



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6 of Hearts


The woman here looks pensive, her thoughts starting to line up before her where she can make sense of them.  It is only by laying them out in the form of a film strip she can see where she has come from, what she is going through now, and a hint of where she may be going. As we follow the scene we see she had her eyes closed in the main, but they are opening to the extent she now has them fully open.  As she reflects on what she is seeing, what thoughts are going through her mind I wonder?  She appears to have a calm control over her emotions now but that might not have always been the case.  It is only when she takes an objective look back as if viewing the scene as an outsider she can pass valid judgement on herself.  Yet temptation may still be there to relive those moments. 

The hand and wine are being extended to her, as if silently enticing her back to their embrace.  We may have the voice of reason also trying to make themselves heard.  Did she have that tattoo whilst intoxicated?  Is that a life long reminder of what may happen should she decide to relinquish that control?  Whatever is applicable one thing is certain – she has no regrets about what has happened in the past.  After all, it cannot be changed so how much use does the sentiment regret actually have for us?  Have you ever known it to be applied to the here and now with any degree of success?  It is possibly one of the most damaging sentiments we can experience, for if we are of a vulnerable disposition to start with that regret can cause us to spiral backwards faster than it ever takes us forwards…