Diary of a Broken Soul



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4 of Hearts


So who do you associate with – the brave warrior maintaining his defensive stance against the tiger before him, or one of the tigers he faces?  We can only admire his courage as he stands his ground in the face of such intense, roaring power.  Is he aware of what is behind him?  Is the one he is facing representative of his conscious thoughts, with the one behind him representing his unconscious thoughts?  If this is the case, he will soon be aware that what he ‘thinks’ eventually ‘manifests’.  When that occurs he is then forced to face those issues, and takes action to restore the harmonious balance he is capable of creating. 

Yet is it more than possible the tigers are facing off against each other.  If that is the case it is likely our young warrior has unfortunately found himself in the middle of such disharmony.  The water he is standing on is still – does this show he is remaining calm, with emotions in check?  If so, he is likely to make the right instinctive decision when the time comes, and will not allow his heart to rule his head.  The dilemma could be, does he stand to one side and allow the two super powers to face off, or does he try to calm the beasts thus avoiding bloodshed.  If he has mastered the ability to calm the beast within, he may have a chance of conquering the beasts without…