Diary of a Broken Soul



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2 of Hearts


The flow and exchange of fluids as we see two bodies entwined in the throes of love or passion.  When we feel we have met our soul mate we are open to sharing everything we have with them.  We give of ourselves freely.  Sometimes as we draw closer and closer we find we become one with them.  What we desire is what they desire.  What we achieve, leads to the partnership reaping the benefits.  With such intensity of feeling, we would walk over hot coals, or wade through the highest water to maintain that bond.  This is the state most of us would love to be in.  Yet some of us do have that connection, but it is not as healthy as it could be.  If the tendrils of our partner have bound us to them, are we really experiencing duality as it should be felt, or we a prisoner of their emotions?  Have we allowed ourselves to become so mesmerised we cannot even feel the tendrils as they pull is in tighter still?