Diary of a Broken Soul



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Ace of Hearts


How many of us have felt at times that we were riding the crest of a wave, only to then have the water crash down on us?  There is a great feeling of elation, as we believe we have conquered the might and energy of the sea, yet as soon as we become that little bit too confident, we are reminded that we are in fact nothing of significance.  Our emotions may ride high one minute, only to crash down the next.  Those who are aware of these changes and are in tune with the cause will get right back up and try again.  Those who have not really identified what happened or why will stay down, possibly drowning as a result. 

This person is reminding us that there are highs and lows to be experienced all through life.  You can try to resist the inevitable, but it will always be there waiting for you.  The longer or harder you resist, the more frightening that fall is likely to be.  Is this person preparing themselves for a change in their emotional state?  Are they bracing themselves in readiness?  Or are they trying to hold back that tidal wave in the vain hope if they do come out the victor they will have avoided the drop below them?…