Diary of a Broken Soul



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King of Diamonds


Here we see the King of the suit, taking his position on the Earth itself.  Whereas his consort, the Queen oversees the Earth from the Heavens, his task is to maintain primary contact and to be proactive in her development.  He too has been in existence for aeons, and has in effect become the Earth itself. 

Many of us would walk past and not realise he is actually standing there, guarding his realm from damage.  This type of existence is one that is very selfless in many ways.  He will never know what it is like to have material luxuries around him.  Nor will he be able to use the natural resources to create something that is not otherwise found in the natural world.  He will be exposed to the harsh elements around him, but that is of his choosing.  He has opted to take this role, knowing he will be forever in a life of servitude to the Earth, and to those who rely on her offerings.  His life path will be that of giving and nurturing for as long as he is in existence.  For our sake, we can only prayer that it is for a long time to come, for as soon as he perishes, it would not be long before the Earth would also perish.  He is her Keeper.  Compared to the other elemental rulers, his life will be considerably different.  Whereas they have the power of destruction, he does not.  His existence is that of discipline and order.  We can only wonder why he chose such a demanding role.  After all, it must be devastating for him to witness what his siblings are called on to do on a regular basis, whilst at the same time acknowledging it is for the greater good….