Diary of a Broken Soul



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Queen of Diamonds


Our Queen scans the barren landscape below her, her head luminescent against the backdrop of the night sky.  A single disc is worn over her 3rd eye, the 5 pointed star shining brighter than any of the stars around her.  She is aware that all elements need to be bought together if life is to be created and sustained:  Earth, air, fire and water.  Her domain is that of the earth and she pays close to attention to what she sees.  When the time is right she will call forth her brethren who represent the other elements.  If the earth is arid, water will be provided.  If destruction is needed to pave the way for new life, fire will be brought forth. 

We need to understand that she is present, even though we as mortals cannot see her.  If we upset the balance she is working hard to maintain, she will upset OUR balance with just the mere blink of an eye.  She knows the Earth is more important than we are, and will do all that is necessary to ensure its safe and continued existence.  Earthquakes are an example of how she will remind us she is there.  Sometimes that reminder may come in the form of a tsunami where she and her sibling will join forces to wreck what we perceive as chaos. 

Over aeons of being, she has amassed all she needs and no more to ensure the balance of life on earth is maintained.  We would do well to learn from that ethos and strive to create the same balance between what we want and what we need…