Diary of a Broken Soul



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Jack of Diamonds


As we stand before the warrior we cannot help but be drawn to the veil over his left eye.  For indeed it is a veil, not a mask.  We can only wonder at what has caused the tear of blood to fall slowly from the eye, but he is not one to want to hide it from the rest of the world.  Although he is blemished, he still has his pride intact and will not shy away from anyone. Is it a cross he must bear?  Is it his soul’s purpose to teach us how we should value the gift of sight? 

We are also aware of the rose adorned discs behind him.  Did one of the thorns pierce his eye causing the damage we are witnessing?  If so, it may be the discs that are telling us something not the warrior.  After all he is silent and unspeaking.  If we are to learn from him we have to look around him as well as at him.  The rose covered discs may have had an allure, but that allure has turned on him.  We may not know the reason but we are certainly able to see that there are always two sides to every coin.  In this case the flip side of the rose is the thorn.  If we go through life blinded by the riches we covet, it is because the riches have the ability to blind us.  If we misuse, or obsess over such materialistic desires, we must be prepared to face the consequences, just as our warrior has had to face his. 

As a reminder of his misdemeanours he has chosen to have eyes tattooed over his heart area.  It will be there to remind him in the future, it will serve him better to see things ‘from the heart’ as opposed to ‘from the head’.  After all, it is our thought process that leads to manifestation, and if that thought process is warped in any way, we will have to face up to the reaping of what we sow…