Diary of a Broken Soul



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Our young being here holds her hand across her chest, as if to protect her heart from external forces.  She is undergoing a deep transformation on many levels, and on one particular level, we may be witnessing her becoming an adult.  The crow behind her has its wings expanded, showing us it is there to protect the youth for as long as is possible during this trying time.  She can only protect him and prevent him from seeing what is behind him, and the sight of the coin may give us insight as to what the crow is afraid of.  Let us both share in the prayer being sent by the youth as she takes that huge step out of her safe haven of adolescence.  Let us send up a joint prayer that she does not succumb to the lure of material wealth at the expense of generosity of spirit.  That the positive traits she has developed follow over with her once the transformation is complete. 

On closer examination we may even think she is as one with the crow.  If that is the case we may be wondering which direction the metamorphosis is going.  Is the crow becoming human?  Or is the human becoming crow?  If the latter, the human need have no fear, for she will be able to soar higher than she ever dreamed possible.  She will be able to see everything below herself with a new and fresh perspective.  If the crow is becoming human, it may be giving up the ability of flight, but just think what will become available to it which would otherwise have been impossible to experience.  Sometimes we regret our human form, but it is a form we chose to take….