Diary of a Broken Soul



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10 of Diamonds


When does true happiness occur?  Is it during our formative years where our greatest gift is that of innocence?  It is as we begin life, whereby most of us in the free world have the majority of the freedoms we are ever likely to be blessed with, one of which is the freedom from materialistic expectations.  Or does true happiness occur when we become adults, where we are presented with the gift of materialism and creation?  We are then given the gift of ‘choice’, the gift to aspire to be anything we want to be, or have anything we want to have.  Or is it when we approach death, where that particular gift we are presented with is that of hindsight. 

I wonder what is going through the mind of each of the characters we see here.  The elderly figure in the foreground has taken a step back from the scene before him, and is able to see himself objectively through the various stages of his existence.  Is the mature man offering his hand reaching out to a past he knows he can never experience again?  Is he trying to hold onto that sense of innocence for as long as possible before he knows he has to climb the stairs to an unknown fate?  The child is the one who seems to hold no sense of fear.  He can see the light at the top of his small set of stairs, so the future holds no fear at all for him.  The man is turning his back on the row of coins, and I believe he has at last realised they are not as important as he had initially thought.  They were the reason he initially wanted to climb those stairs, and money was the initial driving force, but where did it lead him?  All we see is darkness, so maybe it wasn’t providing what his soul desired.  If only he had the gift of being able to turn back time…