Diary of a Broken Soul



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9 of Diamonds


You may feel you have nothing, but you always have that spark that is YOU. As long as you have a heartbeat and are able to draw breath the spark will be very much alive.  If you progress through life with low expectations or are blinded to what you are feeling underfoot you may come to the conclusion you actually have nothing tangible to speak of.  You may eventually reach your chosen destination and think it was all for nothing.  However, if you take a really good look around you when you reach that end you point you will see there is much more than you realised.

This lone female really does remind me we have so much yet we always seem to strive for more.  She is not looking around her.  If she did, she may pause, take breath and re-evaluate.  She was hoping something would be bought to her when she arrived.  Did she not stop to think what she could bring to what is around her instead?  

Will she now give up, or will she make her way to her next destination with continued hope?  What does that tell us about what we hope for, and perhaps never find?