Diary of a Broken Soul



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8 of Diamonds


In the midst of a stark and mountain peaked environment, our young male walks blindfolded, unaware of what is ahead of him.  My instinct is telling me the blindfold is not of his own doing; otherwise we would see him reach to remove it.   His arms are tight to his sides, giving the impression his hands are also bound.  Yet at the same time, I feel he allowed himself to be bound this way, and for a specific reason. If he were able to see what was in front of him, would that cause him to change course or return to where he has come from?  Is it sometimes better to not know what we are about to come up against, least we be disappointed? 

Some may see the tattoo on his back as being representative of the Tree of Life.  If so, he has put his faith in the fact he is fulfilling his destiny and is willing to allow his intuition to take over in the absence of sight.  He has endured some difficult terrain and it is more than likely he still has a long way to go before he will have the blindfold removed.  Most of us would not feel comfortable being bound this way.  If we were not able to use our sight to guide us, we would most definitely want the use of our hands in order to feel our way.  He has access to neither.  The fact he has got this far without mishap or accident should show us we all have it in us to endure, as long as we have faith in ourselves and the guidance offered to us…