Diary of a Broken Soul



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7 of Diamonds


Sometimes we get caught up in the detail, losing sight of the bigger picture around us.  When that is borne out of greed or obsession we do not notice what is happening even in front of our eyes, and that could be to our detriment. 

If our lady here were to look up she would realise she has it within her reach to add to what she already has in her hand.  Time will be against her, and if she leaves it too late, all the other coins will have passed her by.  But wait – maybe I am being a little too harsh here.  She may in fact be showing us she is anything but greedy.  Where as many of us would be dashing around trying to catch these pennies from heaven, she may be more than happy with what she has, having no need for anything more.  I guess we need to stop and talk to her to understand her motives here. 

Many of us would have to turn our mind clocks back to when we were children to relive that happiness we felt when we held in our hands what at the time was a huge fortune.  It is only as we reach adulthood we crave more or feel we need to have more.  She may be teaching us to only take what we need and to let the rest fall by the way side, possibly into the hands of another who is also in need of some sustenance…