Diary of a Broken Soul



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6 of Diamonds


Isn’t it heartening to encounter other fellow beings who do not judge us or shy away from us?  We have never met before, yet we cannot help but be humbled by the unconditional welcome and offering we are given.  More often than not, it is those who have little or nothing themselves who readily open themselves to extending the hand of friendship in this way.  We have a duty to learn from this, and to pass it on to our children who in turn should then pass it on to their children.  If this cycle of generosity is continued through the generations, it will become the norm instead of the exception.  We may believe we have to offer something in return.  If this is our belief it shows we still have a lot to learn about the word ‘unconditional’.  Granted it is charitable to offer something in return, but I do believe it is not expected of us.  Remember that next time you are offered the hand of friendship, particularly at a time of need.  A true friend will be there with no thought of return.  

Let us spend some time here with this family.  I sense the longer we are in their company, the more likely it is we will be continuing our journey with joy in our hearts…