Diary of a Broken Soul



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5 of Diamonds


There is something haunting about what we are witnessing here.  On first reflection, I find my mind stilling itself to the extent no thought comes through.  This is now followed by the realisation, regardless of how hard I think things are for me in life, I still have so much to call in that is supportive of me.  There is always someone experiencing far more hardship than I could even imagine possible, yet they do so with a quiet dignity.  I think that is something to draw on when we feel we are really facing the hardest of times. If we too can still the mind, it opens the door for the healing presence to come in, whether it be spiritual, mental or physical. You don’t believe me?

Take another look at the scene before us, and pay particular attention to the extended wings. Regardless how low we think we have become, regardless of how tough the going is, there is still something or someone there who will help us at the time we most need it.  A great reminder to us that not all the world is against us.  It is the actions of a few. The wings are behind him, so it may show us we may not be aware of where or how that support may reveal itself, but if we don't close down our conscious thoughts, we end up making it harder to feel or sense that presence.