Diary of a Broken Soul



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4 of Diamonds


There is a fine line between being protective of what we have and being obsessive about what we don’t have, but desire. And how do we know when we cross from one state of mind to the other?   I guess if you are willing to fight for what you believe in, there is a case to argue that you are being protective.  A totally understandable response in the face of adversary, particularly if what you are protecting is something you have worked hard to cultivate.  If however you find you stand watch, even when there is no threat or danger around it is possible you have indeed crossed that line. 

If you cannot bear to let your prized possessions out of sight for just one second through fear of losing it or having it taken from you, the obsession has taken hold.  If we take a long hard look at our own actions with an objective eye instead of our own eyes, we may actually find ourselves laughing.  Laughing with realisation that we obsess over a whole lot of nothing.  It is only when you have nothing to start with you realise you can never really lose anything. 

I wonder which situation applies to this figure we see sitting in the tree.  Is she ready to pounce on anyone who dares to enter her domain with the intention of coveting her possessions?  Or is she acting as a squirrel of sorts, and hoarding more than what she is in need of.  Maybe her surroundings will give a clue as to why you come to your conclusion. Next time you see squirrels in autumn pause and watch them as they collect the fallen nuts around them.  And then give think as to how many they will actually make use of when the time of need comes…