Diary of a Broken Soul



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3 of Diamonds


This lone female has amassed so much around her, in two very distinct forms.  Is she now offering her thanks to the higher realms for providing for her in this way? Or she sending out her prayers for yet more?  It is interesting to note her clothing is much understated, to the extent she has nothing on her feet.  Does this demonstrate to us she prefers to take care of what nature has provided, tending less to her own needs?  

I think if we were to address the current balance in our lives we would find we perhaps have taken more than we have given.  This lone female may be showing us we have it in our power to get by with a lot less by way of creature comforts, and if we do so, we would be able to ensure we give due regard in return for what we have around us.  If we were to pay more attention, it would repay us tenfold, as shown by the 3 discs in the background.  I guess we really do reap what we sow.  It us up to us to decide where we really place our sense of value and purpose.  If we are prepared to make that effort the rewards will be there in time for all to see and appreciate.  Sadly society has taken a turn where we expect everything in an instant.  Very few of us have the patience or time to cultivate rewards in this way…