Diary of a Broken Soul



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Ace of Diamonds


Beauty is indeed in the eye of the beholder, and sometimes is beyond what we can see.  If we look through the eye into the depths below, are we truly seeing the soul within?  Or is our soul likely to show itself in a form it believes is representative of our hearts desire? 

It appears this character has had a chequered path up until this point, but we are met with more than a hint that things could be about to change for them.  The eye is in fact a curtain, and as we know curtains can go two ways.  If it is opening they may not have long to decide whether they walk through or not.  Just as a blink of an eye passes in a flash of a second, so too could this curtain close, hiding forever the treasures beyond.  A great dilemma indeed.  For if they do walk through there is a real danger that curtain could close and who is to say if that does happen, whether it will ever open again.  The treasures on the other side may fulfil them in so many ways they could only dream of, so what would cause them to hesitate?  If we are not able to follow at this moment in time, they may well be wondering if what they gain is worth the risk when weighed against what they could lose…