Diary of a Broken Soul



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King of Clubs


The consort of the queen our King uses his power to bring the earth to a boiling point.  If angered his power will cause rumblings which spread far and wide.  He will not halt or rest until he feels sated, the volcano below him emptied.  When that has occurred he will go deep within and once again charge himself with the energies from the magma centre, ready for the next time he is to be called into action. 

He has the will of the earth at his command and is perhaps the one adversary few of us would be able to overcome.  He will be relentless in his chase for justice if he believes he or his realm has been slighted.  If the earth around him is at the end of a cycle and is in need of re-birth he will fulfil that task without emotion but with a sense of empathy we mortals would never be able to understand.  You see, he knows how the ‘big picture’ looks.  He has been in existence of aeons and has seen many, many times how his destructive power can and will lead to something better spawning from the ashes.  Whereas his Queen may move silently and slowly in her task, he will make his presence known.  The earth may rumble, the air may crackle with sound, yet we will never see him.  He is tireless in his quest to bring about harmony on Mother Earth, even if it is at the expense of those who have abused her….