Diary of a Broken Soul



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Queen of Clubs


The innocence and purity of the candle seen on the Page has grown and matured into something of great power and beauty.  We are reminded that Mother Nature may come across as being cruel at times, yet we should never question her motives.  At one time we feared forest fires and did all we could to prevent or contain them.  That battle was often hard fought, with Mother Nature often proving to be the victor, despite valiant efforts of men.  It is only in recent years we have developed the knowledge and understanding that the fires are part of a natural cycle – a cycle we interrupt or interfere with at our peril. 

Just take a look at her eyes, but shield your own from her glare.  If you are in her path when she gets to work, your fate will be the same as the fate of the trees around you.  She shows no mercy, nor will she deviate from her task ahead.  We would be best advised to stand back, and perhaps take the opportunity to learn from what she can teach us.  Maybe if we do we can learn to respect her as opposed to fear her….