Diary of a Broken Soul



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Jack of Clubs


This character spoke to me through the person who first discovered the world of Jahanam.  These are the words I heard:

Samiri; the one who then took the elemental Fire after Dajjal's treachery and became hideous. He tried to raze Jahanam to rid it of its corruption but was brought to his senses when a brethen took a fatal wound that was meant for Dajjal. The lord of the Fireflies became an elusive entity ever since; fire burning in his belly eating him inside out.

Does this show that we are all capable of revenge if we feel we are wronged?  Does it also show that as a Knight, he has weakness of character as well as strength?  Sometimes we try to right a wrong, and step over the line of causing a further wrong.  It is then our true strength of character emerges.  Do we walk away or do we take responsibility for our own actions, putting them right before we put right the actions of others? A true knight would probably do the latter….