Diary of a Broken Soul



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10 of Clubs


It appears the fight is over for this individual.  He may have carried the staffs for some time, but now is the right time to lighten the load and light the wood before him.  We can only guess at his thoughts as he considers what the staffs have represented.  Let’s stand silently with him in quiet pause as he sends out a silent prayer just before the lighting part of the ceremony takes place.  We can ask that the rain is held at bay, and that the wind blows briskly to help him in maintaining the fire once it is lit.  The bare branches around him may be reflecting his journey to date, to the extent he now feels devoid of any emotion or feeling.  The ash from the remains of the fire will go some way to adding nutrients to the soil.  In time there will be new growth and colour, and as it expands it may go some way to bringing a sense of life and purpose back for our character….