Diary of a Broken Soul



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9 of Clubs


The beings here stand close together, staves in the background within reach as they endure the flames around them.  Standing as they are, I sense they are ready for any eventuality and as one would be called into action in an instant.  If one falls they all fall.  If one comes through victorious, they do so together.  Although each will fight individually, you just know they fight for each other.  They are a small army indeed, yet their belief and courage is evident for all to see.  It would take a brave person indeed to even think about approaching them.  Yes, they may get through the flames unscathed but that in itself is unlikely.  Yet the flames will seem to be just a mere irritation by comparison when they are confronted by this army of fire warriors. 

So the questions raised dear friend – do you have it in you to overcome such odds?  If what you seek is worth it you may find there exists a slim chance of succeeding.  If you follow your heart and are willing to try, you may find they let you through out of respect for your beliefs…