Diary of a Broken Soul



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8 of Clubs


The focus on this character is clear to see.  The landscape around them appears harsh and unsupportive, yet they have managed to find a clear path through the rugged rocks around them.  Not only do they have to endure rough going underfoot, they also have the thrashings of the sky to contend with.  Yet they seem to be protected from all of this.  We can only wonder at the willpower required to create and maintain that shield of light she has around her.  With that in place there is nothing stopping her as she continues her journey.  The wands may come thick and fast but they will either be stopped in their tracks above her, or will fall around her, leaving her unscarred and unblemished. 

Just take a look at her features.  She is determined not to be sidetracked or have her attention diverted in any way.  We can only guess at what she is leaving behind but can safely assume this journey is one she is compelled to take.  She will maintain that light source around her and should the going get even tougher; we just know she will make it through okay. 

But wait!  Maybe I need to take a step backwards before taking that step forwards with any thoughts!  If she has walked out of that crater of fire, she is taking some of it with her.  Has the fire been her creator?  Has she been thrown clear just as a volcano throws up the ash and lava from within?  If so, as the expelled matter she will come to rest some distance from where she started….