Diary of a Broken Soul



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7 of Clubs


5 of the staffs have been used to pin the bodies to the ground, with two further staffs either lighting the fire in the foreground or about to be thrown into the fire.  Just look at the physique of the main character.  Does this explain why he is not one of the skewered bodies?  Did he have the superior strength to fight to the end, thus being the lone victor?  Whatever the case may be, there is no doubting the hardship encountered by those who perished.  The clothes hang ragged on each of the figures so we may have to give respect to the fact they have endured more than a little by way of hardship.  They may not have had much to protect, but what they did have was special to them.  What was gained and what was lost I wonder. 

The flames seem to have no effect on the main character – yet.  Does this show his immunity to what is going on around him?  Or are we seeing just the beginning of a scene here?  If we were to stay around for a while longer we may actually be witnessing someone in the throes of purging themselves.  Maybe he has taken a look around at what he has been responsible for and is now looking to cleanse himself in some way.  It is interesting to note he has the bodies facing outwards.  Does he not want to feel their lifeless eyes watching him for any particular reason?  They say the eyes are the window to the soul.  Maybe too many eyes with 5 souls bared are too painful for him to confront right now…