Diary of a Broken Soul



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6 of Clubs


Sometimes we give the impression what we have is not enough, or that we are unfulfilled by what we have or what we have achieved.  Why do we place such expectations on ourselves?  Is it a modern day phenomenon to expect everything to be big and bold or happen instantly?  Have we really become that hard to please?  Or do we encourage a negative mindset, where the thought of putting effort into making something bigger and better is just too much to bear? 

Those tiny candles are valiantly burning away in the presence of apathy and controlling elements of wind etc.  They are small and vulnerable, yet ironically it is the candles that are giving the greatest show of strength and belief. What could be learned from them? Maybe the fact that things take time before the benefits can be seen.  Candles will burn over the span of hours or days.  We can let them die out when they reach the end of the cycle or we can use the flame to light another candle, thus perpetuating the energy being emitted.  It is in our control to decide what to do.  They could also be telling us that mundane tasks need just as much attention as other tasks.  This person has it in their power to ensure if one is extinguished the others are used to rekindle it and bring it back to life.  This may appear to be a pointless task, but if they all go out, there is no going back – all would be lost.   If our being has been responsible for ensuring all are lit against the odds (strong breeze etc) he should be proud of himself and celebrating that achievement. 

I wonder what would it take for him to really look at what he has in front of him and appreciate the efforts that have gone into maintaining them. But wait – I am perhaps being a little harsh here.  It could be he has been awake for many hours looking over the candles, and is fatigued in need of sleep.  If that is the case the message could be very different indeed…