Diary of a Broken Soul



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5 of Clubs


Sometimes we are faced with dilemmas that tear us apart.  In order to progress, we need to move forward away from the here and now.  At times it leads to a situation of leaving someone or something we cherish behind.  Is it selfish to follow our dreams at the expense of others?  Will we then have to live with the feeling of regret and sadness if they are unable to flourish without us?  Yet if we expect them to follow us on our chosen path it can still result in heartache.  We need to give due consideration to our actions if there is the smallest chance they could impact on others.  Are we chasing a dream, following our destiny or trying to emulate others?  If we have acted with the best of intentions we should be able to hold our head high.  If not, price we pay or loss we face may outweigh any gains made along the way…