Diary of a Broken Soul



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4 of Clubs


Here we see many individuals yet when viewed holistically they are all small but vital parts of the whole.  They may look the same, but examine the scene a little closer.  See how they are all expressing themselves independently?  How they all have individual and unique physical traits? We have one who is the thinker.  Maybe they take on the role of planning or problem solving.  Perhaps the presence of horns to some may indicate a disruptive influence. We have them reaching out, as if readying themselves to catch anyone who falls.  Could it be they are the supportive energy?  Now you are getting the idea!  They all have their own individual role to play and by acting as a team they increase their chance of succeeding.  At the moment only one appears to have wings spread ready for flight.  I believe he is showing the others they themselves are not far from attaining that same level of existence.  All they need to do is continue in the belief they have in themselves and each other.  With so much potential and energy gathered in one place the opportunity for success is so much greater….