Diary of a Broken Soul



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3 of Clubs


So, which of these two characters do you most associate with and why?  Are you the one who is soaring high, enjoying the journey being undertaken and confident in your own abilities?  Believing the sky has no limit for you or that the earth is no longer able to offer anything to you? Or are you the person who chooses to stay at ground level, never really pushing yourself but offering support to those who do choose to push themselves.  I accept it is noble and gracious to be there for others when they are doing well, but isn’t there a danger we forget to allow ourselves the chance to fly? 

If we continue to only focus at eye level or below we run the risk of losing that real feeling of achievement and fulfilment… Some may see the flyer is being a dreamer and may be aiming for something that is always out of reach.  Others may see the character in the foreground as ‘being down to earth’ or realistic in their outlook.  Maybe but if you have the opportunity to sprout wings it would be a shame not to use them...