Diary of a Broken Soul



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2 of Clubs


It is possible I overlooked another option from the ace of clubs.  That option being to climb down instead of upwards.  By climbing down and taking a walk, you may find a different tree – a more appropriate tree to your journey.  Where that tree is to be found is not for me to say.  When walking through that forest the path may lead you nowhere and everywhere at the same time.  It is for you to perhaps create your own path, but which way is preferable? All you may have to guide you are thin shafts of light coming through from the canopy above.  By following the light you may find the way is indicated for you.  If you decide against following that light may find yourself crowded out by the darkness.  Confusion may then take a hold as you realise there is no path indicated. 

As can be seen with these trees there is no way to climb upward in order to gain more insight of the layout below.  No, you have no choice now but to follow your instincts or the light.  One will show the way, but which will it be?….