Diary of a Broken Soul



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Ace of Clubs


The majesty of a mature tree is something to behold.  We can only tune in to its infinite wisdom if we quieten our minds and listen to the wind as it whistles through. When met with such magnitude we may choose to shelter underneath, or we may choose to allow the branches to support as we reach higher towards the stars. 

We may come across a situation where we feel we can go no higher but there is always a way, a foothold or nook we can make use of if we are willing to look.  Sometimes moving upwards is not possible or is not the best course of action to contemplate.  If that is the case, shouldn’t we consider reaching outwards instead?  The path may appear to have many twists and turns, but look carefully – there is still just the one direction to take even amongst those twists and turns.  It appears there is still likely to be only the one outcome if we do follow through.  Are you ready to start out on the given path? Or is your destiny to reach even higher still?  You may want to stay where you are as the tree feels solid and supporting underneath your feet.  In time though you will have no choice but to move.  The tree is ever growing you see, and it will take you with it as it expands.  You are not destined to remain in one place, so how about you deciding your own path and destiny for yourself.

It appears it was easy for you to get where you are at the moment, but now real focus and effort is needed if you are to take that next step into the unknown….