Diary of a Broken Soul



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A pertinent reminder that when we seek insight into true selves, our actions and our beliefs it is a very lone journey indeed.  Nobody can give that insight for us, as we are the only beings to have access to that particular key.  We may find it is hard going as we approach that intangible ‘thing’ we call enlightenment, but if we follow through the going can and will get easier.  What may at first have appeared to be a mountain suddenly becomes a small hill instead.  What looked to be a chasm is in fact only the tiniest dent in the soil.  Some of us will choose a direct route, wanting to go through to the other side as quickly as possible, with the least amount of stress along the way.  Others may choose to avoid the issue or delay that moment for as long as possible.  If this latter course is chosen they will zigzag their way, hoping a different, more appealing path will appear in the mean time.  I am sad to say, that path will not appear.  Instead the light in the distance will continue to shine brighter and brighter, until they can ignore it no more.  It is at that time they may resign themselves to the fact they have no choice but enter the doorway.  

Yes the journey is going to be hard, so be prepared.  Take what you need as you have no way of relying on anyone else to provide it for you. So tell me – are you going to be the one who approaches the light with head held high or are you going to defer for as long as possible?…..