Diary of a Broken Soul



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The Moon


There is something special about the sight of a full moon, which few of us fully understand.  How many of us have stood in silence just basking in its fullness and radiance, our minds stilled as we absorb her energies.  Here we see the Empress tattooed on the back of the figure emerging from the depths, a naga fish either side of her.  How ironic we see the figure of the creator of life in the presence of creatures who are about lose their lives.  They are aware of their impeding fate and appear to be move towards that with a sense of dignity and courage.  So, what is to happen to the female?  What will she be experiencing as she leaves the comfort of the waters?

The land before her appears harsh and rugged.  Yet she knows she has to undergo this transformation of environment, and trusts the moon to guide her.  Her two friends will not be taking this journey with her, but she knows the moon will undergo a new phase, a reminder to her that life is ever evolving.  The fish will be experiencing a different existence which again, when the time is right will again change.  She knows she will be leaving them behind. When faced with darkness, we allow uncertainty to creep in.  We fear what we cannot see, yet we have seen the exact same landscape many, many times during daylight.  Why do we assume it has changed in the meantime, to the extent we fear it? 

There is no fear shown by any of the beings here.  They feel the pull of the lunar energy and are following their instincts, trusting they will be guided to where they are destined to be. We need to be very honest with ourselves here – if met with the same circumstances, would we have that same degree of trust….