Diary of a Broken Soul



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The Tower


It is a drive within us to reach higher and higher, believing we can build a structure that can kiss the sky.  We use that structure to give us protection and to give us a sense of stability as we follow each floor and stairway upwards.  History will show us that the taller the structure, the more vulnerable it is to attack or destruction.  We can learn from that and make our future goals more realistic, or we can try again, valiant in our attempt to reach domains previously unattainable. 

It is good to have goals and to aim high, but if ego takes too high a vantage point you can rest assured someone will want to bring you and your creation down.  You may feel it is safer to be on the inside, behind that glass shield looking outwards.  You may be under the impression that glass wall will act as a protective barrier.  You could well be right.  But how about turning that around a little?  What happens when you see what is coming towards you, yet you have no escape route within reach?  Wouldn’t that change your feeling of security somewhat?  Is it perhaps better to be aware of what is coming, or would you prefer to have a brick wall there instead so as to live in a state of blissful ignorance? 

Our lady here is choosing to walk on the outside of the structure, aware of the fact she is taking a risk, but she feels that risk is no better or worse than the risk being taken by those who are on the inside.  If anything happens to the tower, she may have the chance to be thrown clear.  Those imprisoned on the inside may be faced with only one option should the tower crumble….